Born from an idea of adding value to food waste and identifying alternative sources of high quality nutrition to feed the world’s growing population, Grubs Up grows larvae of the New Zealand black soldier fly.

As an alternative source of high quality nutrition, feeding sustainably grown insects to your animals is one step closer to reducing the use of more unsustainable sources of animal feeds.

The larvae are conveniently packaged so that a wide range of birds, fish, reptiles and amphibians can save the planet every meal time. Grubs Up!


Saving the planet every meal time

Every year, approximately 130,000 tonnes of food waste is sent to landfills - just in “clean, green” New Zealand. Black soldier fly larvae could divert every single kilogram from landfill to high nutritional quality animal food and feed ingredients. Grubs Up takes advantage of this waste; albeit only tonnes a year but every business has to start somewhere.

Not only do our grubs divert food waste from landfill, they convert it into nutrients like protein very efficiently. Using 1 hectare (Ha) of land area (10,000 square metres) as a footprint, black soldier fly larvae could produce 23 tonnes of protein. Soy protein (organically farmed) is quite a sustainable source of protein, right? Well it is compared with dairy, producing almost 900kg of protein per Ha, but that is only 4% of the output from black soldier fly larvae. 1 Ha produces about 260kg of dairy protein, about 1% of what can be produced from black soldier fly larvae. And best of all, vertical farming is possible for insects like black soldier fly larvae.